Bittersweet Ending: Luli’s dad’s just gone and her Mom’s sold

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wholesale replica designer handbags Abusive Parents: Luli’s got ‘em, and they just leave her alone one day, inspiring her escape. Adult Fear: IN SPADES. Little girl, first experience with drugs, kidnapped by a crazy pervert. Ax Crazy: From the start, we can tell that Eddie’s a little off, but then he decides that he and Luli are somehow star crossed lovers, ties her to a bed and most likely rapes her. Bare Your Midriff: Initially. Bittersweet Ending: Luli’s dad’s just gone and her Mom’s sold their land to a developer, she’s witnessed two murders and caused another, and she is totally disillusioned about her life. But Beau, the ‘cleaner’, offers Luli a place to stay in Los Angeles, where she can hopefully start her young life over. Chained to a Bed: Eventually Eddie snaps and decides Luli is his soulmate, imprisoning her like this. Maybe other things happened too. Chekhov’s Gun: A literal example. “It’s not a gun, it’s a.45 Smith Wesson.” Fille Fatale: Luli, blatantly. Despite being only 13, she spends a majority of the film in tiny, revealing outfits that seem to have been designed by pedophiles for pedophiles. She has no qualms about walking around in her underwear in front of strangers, routinely asks strange men if they think she’s pretty and if they want to kiss her, etc. all in attempts to manipulate them into doing what she wants. Practically any scene she shares with a male character is incredibly uncomfortable to watch. I Just Shot Marvin in the Face (more like I Just Shot Glenda In The Chest): He claims it to be this, but by this point Eddie’s a pretty Unreliable Narrator. Jail Bait: Luli, again. To disturbing levels. Basically, we have a character who spends the entire movie oozing sexuality, from her sultry demeanor, her propensity to dress like a backwoods hooker to her shameless manipulation of men much older than she. If she was in her twenties, it would be sexy on a Sharon Stone in Basic Instinct level. But she’s 13 and doesn’t look any older. To say it makes your skin crawl is an understatement. (It might not help that Chloe Moretz’s mother is one of the producers.) Nice Guy: Clement, the boy Luli meets at the motel, and Beau, who wants to send Luli to live with his sister to get her as far away from the mess she was in as possible. Red Right Hand: Eddie’s limp. Traumatic Haircut: After being chased and possibly raped by Eddie, she wakes up to find her hair chopped short and dyed black. Troubling Unchildlike Behavior: Might as well be The Movie of this trope. Unreliable Narrator: Eddie tells Luli that Glenda gave him a grand to take Luli off her hands. Glenda shows up after a few days after Eddie has taken her hostage, telling her that he lied. wholesale replica designer handbags

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Replica Handbags Bear in mind that the parent doing the disowning might not be entirely a jerk; sometimes, the kid just crosses a line they shouldn’t cross (especially if they’ve grown up wrong or done something that violates their parents’ trust) and deserves being kicked out with all ties severed. Again, reconciliation isn’t an impossibility, but since this kid’s bitter and twisted anyway don’t expect it happening any time soon. And rest assured that the parent is going to have to Fake Designer Bags justify their actions to the audience explicitly anyway, since the act of disowning one’s own flesh and blood for any reason is well, pretty harsh. Orthodox communities could be particularly unforgiving when it came to children (particularly males) who decided to try making their own way outside of the Jewish community Replica Handbags.

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